A downloadable Jam game for macOS

One Platform Less is a platformer game for 1-4 players. Move, jump, avoid obstacles and get to the exit. You need to get to the exit over and over again, but each time one of the platforms or hazards will become invisible (but they're still there!).


Game is best played with Switch controllers, you can hook them up via Bluetooth and remap the controls (to the keys below) with a free utility such as Enjoyable (Mac) or similar ones.

With no Switch controllers, just use the keys provided below.


Player 1 - Left [A] Right [S] Jump [W]
Player 2 - Left [D] Right [F] Jump [R]
Player 3 - Left [G] Right [H] Jump [Y]
Player 4 - Left [J] Right [K] Jump [I]

A game by Scissor Brothers and Sisters


One Platform Less - Mac 20 MB

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